My name is Claus Visby Andersen, i'm 43 and living in southern jutland, Denmark.
I've been photographing for about 15 years!

Seeing the world through the camera lets me connect with my surroundings in a more intense way.
I feel present and engaged in what i do and pay attention to the small details.

I love to tell a story, and experiment! This also means experimenting in the post processing (photoshop).
Playing with textures, enhanching and photoshopping is just as important to me as shooting the image !

At the moment my main focus is landscapes, but I also do fashion shoots and portraits.
But no genre will remain unexplored in the future as i love to try out new stuff and get out of that annoying, comfortzone.

Hope you'll enjoy my photos as much as i did taking them ;)

Claus Visby

The photographer